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Masada are located in Erlangen and for me they are probably one of the three best screamo bands in Germany right now. This estimation is based on their first six demo songs, available since almost two years now. Every time I had the pleasure to see them at one of their shows, I hoped to snatch a seven inch or at least a cassette of their demo, but there was none. Since they have never released a physical copy of their demo, I and everyone else had to make do with the digital version of the songs. Each of those songs is great; though I have to emphasize how much I love indifference and defeat. Both songs are utterly beautiful, two flawless screamo hymns, making my flesh creep every single time I hear them. The latter of those songs also appears on Masada recently published selftitled album, which will be released via I.Corrupt.Records, Ruined Smile Records, Don’t Care Records, Dingleberry Records, Rubaiyat Records and Upwind Productions. Self-evidently I preordered the LP, instantly gave it a listen and yeah, what should I say?

„There will be a point I won’t go beyond and I will be scared but with time I’ll be gone. Structure quite hollow now filled with echo. Guess it’s size as if I knew“

This record turned out to be perfect. And in this particular case perfect is not just a phrase. I really mean it because for me listening to this album is pure joy. The four boys from my neighborhood accomplished to transport the charm of their demo to their first full-length, taking their sound to a whole new level, as every song seems extremely well thought-out. The emotiveness is endorsed on the listener, who is carried away by furious drumming and roaring guitar walls. Both on point, combined with vibrant screaming and Julian’s clean vocals. To highlight his charming voice, the band’s instruments perfectly slow down, creating melodious parts with catchy riffs - perfectly shown in uneindeutigkeiten, fragments or the closing repeat.

„What has been done to justify these fragments I am throwing up. I’ll try to run, I’ll try to hide but it seems that I am out of luck. It grows and grows and multiplies.“

With nach aukha the band from Erlangen came off with another gem. Melodious and driving as ever, Masada perfectly combines post-hardcore, neo-crust and screamo during this one without making use of clean vox. There’s absolutely no doubt, that ten of those eleven songs are on top of the screamo game.

Only t-s, which was written by the band’s friend Aukha, steps out of line, as it’s a Trent Reznoresque electronic interlude in the vein of Ghosts by NIN or Reznor’s other project, How To Destroy Angels. It’s definitely not the type of song you expect in the middle of a punk record, but I don’t want to rant, as the song is well made and provides an element of surprise.

„And my questions were answered before they arose and no matter what medium and how subtle the dose this ground has a meaning. Expectations are held and those not responding are quickly expelled.“

Lukas, Clemens, Hanni and Julian did an incredible job, as listening to their debut full-length feels like a unique listening experience, full of heartfelt emotions and pure joy. We don’t do ratings but this record is a 10 / 10.


  1. There is a physical release of the demo, brought to australia (no joke) by ruined smile records,
    i ordered the last copy at the 1st january this year.