Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #31

Yotsuya Kaidan – Tired Of Tomorrow’s You EP


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Already two years around, Yotsuya Kaidan is an emoviolence quartet from Odessa, Ukraine, with members of Mariesena. Tired Of Tommorrow’s You is their very first release and it’s well-made in every respect. Partly, this can be attributed to the work of Will Killingsworth, who mixed and mastered the four tracks at Dead Air Studios. But he couldn’t have done such a good job without an appropriate foundation, delivered by the band itself. The composition of the songs, which were written in an abandoned shoe factory, answers the claim of an outstanding screamo record. On point and garnished with brilliant lyrics, declaimed in the band’s native language.

“You and I are dying - tasmanian tigers. I urgently need to take you - tasmanian tigers. Jaws twinkle like black holes. This is our dance for the sake of the revolution...”

Monte Ida – Corinth


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During one of many conversations at Miss the Stars Fest in Berlin a few weeks ago someone told me that there are little screamo bands in France. Monte Ida from Rennes is just another proof, that this is not true. Mastered by Comadre’s Jack Shirley at The Atomic Garden, the four songs Extended Play is full of breathtaking melodies. Their sound is quite unique and it’s pure pleasure to listen to those songs again and again. Monte Ida is Cédric, Quentin and Pierre-Marie and they are a French Screamo outfit, which is worth listening to. Best regards to Henrik of Kishote. ;-)

“Turn off the light / Ghosts revealed to my eyes / Separate what’s dead and what’s not / Take the broken pieces / Imagine what must breathe then fix it / Put yourself in the skin that others worn before you and wasted”

Eaglehaslanded – s/t 7’’


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To be absolutely honest: I didn’t like this release at first. Not that surprisingly, replies Stefan Ciric, the vocalist of the band. According to him, the songs are also pretty different for the band itself. Anyway, I gave those songs a second chance and I’m glad that I did. After a few extra spins, the seven new songs of Belgrade based emoviolence triumvirate Eaglehaslanded grew on me. And so it happens that their new selftitled EP is their fifth straight release, which found its way onto this little blog. Mirage/Мираж is the highlight track on the EP and probably one of the best songs Eaglehaslanded has ever written. This seven inch is definitely another must listen.

Lost Boys - S/T


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OH MY FUCKING GOSH. Already after a few seconds of the opening track, frauenhofer insel, and I’m totally blown away by the sound of this recently founded threepiece. The following five tracks are brilliant as well, getting every emo heart beat faster. Also mixed and mastered by Mr. Killingsworth, their tremendous interpretation of emotional punk music makes you want to bang yer head. For this exciting project from Nuremberg/Erlangen Todlowski teamed up with Julian of Masada. What a combination, what a surprise. Favorite Track: vampires

"Es bleibt dabei: All my friends are vampires. I didn't know they were vampires. Turned out to be a vampire myself in the devil town. (ob ich schon wandelte) im finsteren Tal (fürchte ich) Struktur als Selbstzweck (stets eine) eine erratene Pointe ein offensichtlicher Twist."

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