Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #29

Careless / Det är därför vi bygger städer / sans visage – 3-way-split


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This Swedish-Japanese-cooperation rules hard. Two songs each band, the split contains six songs in total and soon it will be released as a 12’’ record via Through Love Records (GER), Samegrey Records (UKR) and Kakusan Records (NOR). While sans visage from Tokyo provides us with their classical interpretation of screamo, Careless and Det ör därför vi bygger städer adding some post-rockish guitar sounds to the sample board. Which songs you will like best might be a matter of taste, but for me the two songs of Det är darför vi bygger städer are truly outstanding, topping off the split in the best way possible.

“Closure, it's a feeling of happiness, it won't find me you won't find me.”

Belle Indifference – Ryan Ghosting


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Here’s an old one from last year. Released in the end of 2015, the debut EP by Belle Indifference from Madrid is a gem for every amateur of emoviolence. The seven songs EP feature every attribute you could expect from a record, tagged with this genre. The wild sound of the threepiece from Madrid is discordant and arhythmic. Just a few slower sections interrupt the aroused chaos, giving you little time to breath. Ryan Ghosting is highly recommendable; don’t fail to give it a listen. ‘This is your most likable song ever. People will love it.’

“Same teeth, same lips, same laughter, what am I doing myself? We are tied into a spiral of identical tastes, my curiosity rotates in one direction, I see your face and that's only cat-eye-glasses. Do I love people or do I love patterns?”

letters to catalonia / ilill – split


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Another split, another band from Japan. A few months ago we introduced you ilill from Tokyo. For their second release they teamed up with San Diego’s letters to catalonia. Both bands contribute three tracks to the split, which sound quite contrary. Compared to the violent, straight-forward sound of the threepiece from California, ilill’s approach is more playful, containing borrowings of 90s emo. Yet, there’s no doubt that this collaboration between those bands works perfectly well. I instantly ordered the split-tape from Skeletal Lightning and so should you since it is limited to 100 pieces.

“I am broken just like you. Let’s get together. We might get through. Not for forever but just for now. I need you with me to not go down in a mountain of cheap cigarettes and wine. Just be here with and kill some time.”

Weak Ties – Weak Ties


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Weak Ties is a Powerviolence outfit from Bielefeld, Germany. The fourpiece recorded eleven songs, each faster and more powerful than the foregone track and put them out as a selftitled EP. The roots of the band definitely lie in classical Hardcore Punk, as their brute sound features some nice D-Beat sections. Their vocals are pissed and so are the lyrics. Actually not that kind of stuff we are featuring on this blog, but Weak Ties deserved it. Brett!

“Devoted to all this, which creates this fucking sea of shit. Restrained smiles. Vaccined brains. Running on knives.”

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