Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #19

52 Hertz - Twosome

The cuties from Würzburg are back. One year after the release of their astonishing Somnolence EP and a year of shows and hangouts the screamy emo-math three piece return with this two-song output. Only this time things are changing. The songs are as versatile as ever, a wonderful blend of up- and down-tempo parts, heart wrenching harmonies and joyful guitar lines, a rollercoaster of emotions...

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"The last time we spent time at your place, we realized it wasn't meant to be. I won't waste your time. It will be better to go seperate ways."

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Quiter – Won’t Call Back

Seattle’s Quiter released three new songs, following their promising Demo, which was released earlier this year. Those songs, along three remastered tracks from their debut, can be found on their new Extended Play called Won’t Call Back, which will be available on tape through the Band itself, Dog-Eared Records and Ponderosa Records. It’s incredible to see how the quality of the recordings has changed compared to their first release. Every single second of Won’t Call Back sounds beautiful, fully unfolding the band’s potential. We highly recommend this EP to everyone who’s into emotional music. Great Job, boys and girls!

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Pepi Rössler / Camp Koala – Split

Recently returned from their co-tour, both bands from Budapest came together to create this split consisting of five songs. The contrast between the two sides of the split could hardly be greater, as screamo meets post-punk. While Pepi Rössler showcases their violent style, full of raw emotions and desperation, Camp Koala’s interpretation of post-punk ranges from indie to shoegaze. But, since I’m digging both genres, I feel like this variation isn’t a bad thing. On the contrary; this combination rules hard!

“This is the day that resembles death: dreams about touching but not feeling.”

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Old Gray – dex

With dex, New Hampshire’s Old Gray deflects from their usual sound to spotlight the difficulties of mental illness and suicide. The sincerity is reflected in the heavy-hearted vocals and melodies, both slowly and utterly pondering. Here is the statement of Cameron Boucher:

“Over the past year I've spent a lot of time trying to come to terms with my manic depression, not allowing it to control me and figuring out how to make the best of it. This summer has been one of the hardest of my life because while trying to maintain a positive light I've lost several friends who didn't see how bright of a future they truly had, one being one of my closest friends from high school. He helped shape me to be the person I am today and it is my job to be the continuation of his life cut short. no matter your battle, suicide is not the answer, never forget that.”

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