Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #17

UnaxManoxAlxCuello – Summer Tour

Showcasing their new song on bandcamp, Una Mano Al Cuello did another great job. After their highly recommendable debut EP, this is the second release by the Spanish Emo-/Powerviolence collective. The new song is called Engrampando Cráneos and carries on what UxMxAxC created with their previously released songs. The fivepiece delivers a powerful package out of lashing drums, sick basslines and brilliant guitarwork plus some uptempo as well as some downtempo parts. Digitally released on July 23, the song can be streamed or/and downloaded on the band’s bandcamp page.

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Facility / An Anecdote – Split

It is already the second appearance of Facility on our blog. Following their well-made debut, the two new songs on the collaboration with the Swedish screamo group sound like a sequel of the first four. While the leadoff song by An Anecdote from Gothenburg is quite chaotic and destructive, the second one slows down, but without losing any intensity at all. This liaison goes nicely, as the sound of both bands complement quite well. The split will be sold through Facility on their upcoming tours. Information regarding the European release is still expected.

“My hands cut on your halo, split open palms. Some things take a long time. 80 glasses of water and hospital bills, black screen and static.”

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Döda Löv - Allt Vi Har Kvar

Already a few months ago, Döda Löv from Sweden, published their follow-up EP of their debut. With Allt Vi Har Kvar Jonatan, Fredrik, Gutte and David created a phenomenal five-songs-collection in the vein of typical Swedish screamo. Thanks to the phenomenal production the musical landscape unfolds its full splendor, as the band from Skåne län makes use of an epic combination of atmospheric, post rockish sound structures and passionate screams. This is Swedish screamo at its best.

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Leap Year – Yesterday Morning

„Recorded a little hungover after waking up on a hardwood floor in one take. Cost us $130. I’m starting to like it” And so do we! After a little lineup change the screamo outfit from Edmonton finally released their debut EP called Yesterday Morning. Strongly influenced by 90s/00s Emo, the Extended Play features five beautiful tracks, full of gloomy melodies, which are dominating the guitar-heavy sound of Yesterday Morning. Leap Year is Chad, doing the vox / playing guitar, Jordan playing guitar as well, Keith playing bass and Sam on the drums and we strongly recommend their first release.

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