Short But Sweet, Polite And Respectful #4

The Weight Of Water – Demo

In late 2013 the five-headed screamo outfit from Vienna, Austria released their first track and more than a year later you can listen to the first proper demo, containing four songs. Recorded in the band’s rehearsal, the Extended Play still spreads the DIY-charm of their first song colourless. While the first three tracks are raw and angry, the finale song “y castillo de oro” surprises with another pace. The highly recommendable Demo will be available on tape.

„everything is beautiful, everything is falling apart“

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Hercules Rockefeller- s/t (demo)

Hercules Rockefeller is a screamo threepiece from Manchester founded in the end of 2014, already releasing their first creative output in form of a selftitled demo only a few weeks later. The whole EP lives off its dark and intense atmosphere. Two parted vocals and spoken word are used as well as some smart changes of tempo. Each song seems to be better than the last, together paving the way for the grand finale “Blindside”.

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Daniel Sadcliffe – demo sadcliffe

Three dudes from Indianapolis, Harry Potter and Skramz. Put those things together and you’ll get Daniel Sadcliffe. The demo of the GRAMMY Awards Winners contains three passionate songs, including the one I’ve heard on bandcamp. Since the demo was recorded in two different basements, listening to those songs makes you feel like standing right in the middle of their rehearsal room. Or maybe even like them performing songs of brokenness in Harry's little room under the stairs in the Dursley's house. It's a sad little room. The band currently works on their sophomore EP.

“I’m trying to make you hate me so when I leave you won’t miss me. Permanent solution to all your grief, so when I die you won't miss me.”

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Piri Reis – Demo

The band from Shah Alam, Malaysia does not even need three minutes playtime to point out their musical line of approach. Piri Reis are playing emoviolence in the vein of bands like Orchid and Pageninetynine. Both tracks on their striking demo are wrathful, yet melodic and catchy, blowing the listener away. What a great debut! Do yourself a favor and check them out if you haven’t already.

Edit: After listening to those two songs a few times you’ll have to pay 7 bucks for unlimited streaming. SO NOT COOL!

Edit #2: The band removed the unintentional limitation! hurray! unlimited joy! SO COOL!

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