SONG PREMIERE: ‘Windchime’ by La Petite Mort / Little Death

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Finally, after La Petite Mort / Little Death’s stunning 2015 debut, 'Dear Reader', it’s the first time you can hear new music from the grandmasters of mathy screamo, right here on Form und Leere.

Windchime will be part of their upcoming three-way-split with Vivre sa Vie and Young Mountain - a song which once again shows off the ability of Paul, Steffen and Jan to create exciting song structures full of varying, technically demanding guitar riffs and swirling drums. Carrying the top-notch vocals of Steffen, the well-crafted mathy sound of the threepiece from the suburbs of Frankfurt-on-Main appears to be a raving hybrid between Refused and Comadre. Besides Windchime you can also find another two tracks of La Petite Mort / Little Death as well as two tracks by Young Mountain and Vivre Sa Vie. The Pre-Orders for the split, which will be available on 12 inch vinyl through a gathering of DIY labels, consisting of Miss The Stars, Pundonor Records, Zilpzalp Records, Hardcore For The Losers and Voice Of The Unheard Records, is going to be announced really, really soon, so make sure to check out the links below and keep your eyes peeled.

"I never felt as numb as in this landscape. Listen to the hum again and leave this part of my life. I know you've had a soft shape. Lists and pencils used to hide a scar. I fell on an island of stones.In a moment of clarity, I left myself in peace. Is it knowledge? Or not? I talk to the wall. Isn’t that insane? The scenery is the same. All I say... All I say... All I say is… Listen Brother. Won´t you go? You've pushed me to insanity. I have passed. You’re alone. Come on Brother. Won’t you go? Won’t you, brother? This is why I’m always walking down these stairs. This is why we walk, both of us. This is why I’m always walking down these stairs. With a sign. This is why I’m always…"


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Miss The Stars

Pundonor Records

Zilpzalp Records

Hardcore For The Losers

Voice Of The Unheard

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